We know what you’re thinking. What is this? Where am I? What sort of magical, twisted history obsessed world have I stumbled upon?

Answer: You’re now officially hanging out with The Outlandish Historians.

That’s us! Adrienne (left) and Renee (right), two ladies who’ve been geeking out over history for way longer than we might want to admit. Here you’ll get to know all sorts of different time periods and historical people. The show notes, packed with pictures and links galore, will give you a brief overview of the topics we cover in more detail during the podcast episodes.

We started this podcast because we’re super nerds. No joke. We love history–talking about it, reading about it, and watching it. We’ve had way too many late night talks (and we do mean LATE NIGHT, like 1 in the morning late at night) about the French Revolution, Henry VIII, the Crusades, and so on, and now we want to share it all with you.

This has honestly been a slow work in progress for maybe eight years. It’s definitely a labor of love, and we’re crazy excited to share it with you.

The Outlandish Historians

Before you start thinking you’re gonna get a serious talking to about the first historical thing that just popped into your head, think again. No boring lectures here, friends. We’re gonna beep bop our way through the history of the world one awesome step at a time.

History rocks. Period. Yeah it’s important, but it’s also fun, funny, and can also be incredibly heartbreaking. We’re tackling all of it in the way we Outlandish Historians do best: some quirk and a lot of discussion and analysis broken down into chunks of delicious bite sized pieces. It’s a nice and easy chat about history. Boring bits be gone!

Take a moment and ask yourself, “Who do history?”

Duh! You do history! If you like history, love history, are taking a history class, or you’ve stood near a history book once in your life, we want to welcome you all to our crazy historical world. You’re gonna learn stuff. That’s right, learn it and learn it good. But in a way most of your teachers or professors have never told it before.

So chug that “Drink Me” bottle and come on down the rabbit hole. It’s gonna be a wild ride.