In episode 6, we tackle our top 10 picks for period film, television and historical fiction books. They include our current obsessions as well as (not so) past ones!

Check out the list below, with links for the trailers!

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Adrienne’s Recommendations

Top 2 TV Picks:

The Crown

A Netflix Original. The series follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II starting just before her marriage to Phillip. We see the ups and downs of being a queen, including working alongside Winston Churchill while traversing a difficult political landscape. At time, this puts her at odds with her family. Can a queen be both a monarch and a woman?

North & South

Margaret Hale leaves behind the life she knew in the south when her father moves them north to the industrial town of Milton in this four part BBC series. Based on the book by Elizabeth Gaskell, the series has it all: a love story, political and class distinctions, and a young woman trying to find her way through all of it.

Top 2 Film Picks:

The Young Victoria

We meet Queen Victoria, starting right before she is crowned and continuing through the early years of her reign. Throughout all of this, she must break free from the expectations of others and become the Queen she wants to be.

A Knight’s Tale

Low-born squire, William Thatcher, has a dream – one day he will be a knight, all he has to do is change his stars. Taking on the persona of a noble, he poses as a knight to achieve his dreams.

Historical Fiction Book:

The Queen’s Fool by Philippa Gregory

Spanning a ten year period, from the time of King Edward VI through the death of Queen Mary Tudor, young Hannah Green gets caught up in the intricacies of the Tudor court. As a Jewish girl growing into womanhood, she must face the dark realities of the world in which she lives, especially after the death of her mother. Loyalties are tested, as well as her sense of self.

Renee’s Recommendations

Top 2 TV Picks:

Merlin (BBC)

Set in the fantastical kingdom of Camelot, Merlin, a young wizard learning how to use his powers, helps his friend Prince Arthur overcome challenges and become the king he was always meant to be – yes, he’s the King Arthur!

Versailes (This trailer is EXPLICIT)

Louis XIV, King of France, has moved his court from Paris to Versailles, where he is building the palace of his dreams. He faces many challenges, including the actual building and constant opposition, sometimes from the people closest to him. #CourtLife

Top 2 Film Picks:


Maximus Decimus Meridius is a Spaniard and a former General in the Roman Legion. Enslaved and forced to fight as a gladiator, he lives each day hoping to get revenge on Emperor Commodus.


Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay is the daughter of a gentleman and an African woman who was enslaved. She is raised by her paternal aunt and uncle as if she were their own, but she must find her place in the world when it feels like she belongs nowhere.

Historical Fiction Book:

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

After spending a decade reading Queen Victoria’s letters, Daisy Goodwin brings Victoria to life in this novel that opens with Victoria waking to the news that she is Queen to learning how to rule and be taken seriously by the men around her.

Make sure you tune in for episode 7! We’ll be traveling back in time to 15th century Scotland where we’ll meet up with Mary Queen of Scots!

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