9: The Romanovs Miniseries, Part I: Nicky and Alicky

The Romanov family had ruled Russia for almost 300 years. And like many monarchs before the Romanovs, they believed that it was God who gave them the power to rule Russia. The Divine Right to Rule as it was called, the Divine Right of Kings. St. Petersburg was, for centuries, the seat of the Tsar of Russia. From here, the Tsar ruled over 130 million people from all different backgrounds.

8: Mary Queen of Scots, Part II

Episode 8 tackles the second half of Queen Mary Stuart’s life: Plot against Rizzio Darnley’s grizzly end Marriage to Bothwell Mary’s imprisonment and end Listen on: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | TuneIn | RadioPublic | iHeartRadio | Android Assassination of Rizzio by Lords & Co. On Saturday, March 9, 1566 at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Mary and some of her friends were dining and enjoying themselves, including David Rizzio. Darnley and several lords Read more…

7: Mary Queen of Scots, Part I

It was a cold winter when young Mary Stewart was born at Linlithgow Palace on December 8, 1542 as the only surviving heir. Mary’s father was James V, son of James IV and Margaret Tudor, the sister of King Henry VIII of England. Her mother was Marie de Guise, the second wife of James V and daughter of Claude the Duke of Guise and Antoinette of Bourbon, one of the most powerful families in France.

4: Titanic Miniseries, Part III – Iceberg, right ahead!

In the evening of Sunday April 14, a few days before the Titanic was scheduled to arrive in New York, all was calm.

There was no moon, the waters were still, and the temperature low. Ice warnings had been coming in from other ships since Friday.

The lookouts in the crows nest were aware and alert. However, at around 11:40 p.m., lookouts Fleet and Lee spotted an iceberg in the distance.